Staffing Complaints

Do you have concerns with a staffing decision? Here’s how we can help.

In the public service, staffing complaints are handled by the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB). It’s the independent administrative board responsible for everything related to complaints about internal appointments, lay-offs, revocation of internal appointments, and appointments made or proposed as a result of the implementation of corrective action.

While PAFSO cannot file a staffing complaint on your behalf, we are here to help you through the process. We can answer questions, assist you with the paperwork, and even represent you before the board.

Do you have issues with a recent staffing process?

Contact a Labour Relations Advisor. Our Advisors are experienced in these matters and will help you evaluate the merits of your case. Should a formal staffing complaint turn out not be your best course of action, we will help you understand what other options are available to you.

Keep track of the details. It is very important to document the events when it comes to staffing complaints. Copy relevant emails, take notes of relevant phone calls and voice mails and establish a timeline of events. Collecting all this information up front will ensure that the process unfolds as smoothly as possible.

The clock is ticking. Staffing complaints have very strict and tight deadlines. There is no time to waste. Contact us as soon as you believe you may have a complaint.

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