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Experiencing issues with Phoenix? Here’s what you can do.

Phoenix will be long remembered as the costliest IT blunder in history. Since its rollout in 2015, the system has proved to be critically flawed and completely ineffective. Even today, it continues to be a cause of serious financial hardship and mental stress to our members.

Do you need help with Phoenix?

Keep track of the details. Closely examine your pay slips and make sure to document any errors you may find. Be sure to contact your manager, report your pay issue, and keep track of it. Visit this page on Treasury Board’s website for more detailed information.

Get the latest information. Treasury Board has a number of links to information and resources for those facing issues with the pay system. From how to report a problem, to requesting salary advances or how to deal with tax-related issues and overpayments, visit this page for the most up-to-date information.

Contact a Labour Relations Advisor. If issues persist after your efforts and due diligence, reach out to our labour relations team, and we can discuss the options that are at your disposal.

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