Do you think you have something to grieve? Here’s how we can help.

A grievance is a formal conflict resolution process. Many are related to provisions in the Collective Agreement, but PAFSO members can also file a grievance over other issues as well. Generally speaking, a grievance can be filed over any breach of the terms and conditions of employment.

Here’s how we can help if you think you have a grievance

Contact a Labour Relations Advisor. Our Advisors will determine if a formal grievance is required or if your issue could be better dealt with informally. We will also help you understand your options and what is required before we proceed with filing the grievance. Not sure what the process of contacting labour relations is like and are hesitating to reach out? Learn more about the process of working with PAFSO Labour Relations here.

Keep track of the details. When filing a grievance, it is very important to document the events. Copy relevant emails, take notes of relevant phone calls and establish a timeline. We can help you with this but the more you collect up front, the more quickly we can move forward.

Don’t wait. There are strict deadlines for filing grievances. The amount of work that needs to be done before filing varies depending on the nature of the grievance so it is very important to contact us as soon as you believe you may have something to grieve.

Don’t try to go it alone. Some grievances must be approved by PAFSO before they are filed. Even in cases where you don’t need formal PAFSO approval, we can help you prepare your grievance to ensure it is received and dealt with appropriately.

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