PAFSO 2021 Photo Contest Results

Contest Theme: The Next Normal

1st prize
Tsung-Wei Lin
Eating Out, Tokyo, Japan

2nd prize
James Clark
Chill of a Mountain Sunrise, Dulce Nombre de Maria, El Salvador

3rd prize
Nicolas St-Pierre
Le lecteur, Ottawa, Ontario

Honourable Mentions

Joshua Hodgson
The Working Box, Tokyo, Japan

Tsung-Wei Lin
Looking Forward, Tokyo, Japan

Erin Koenig
La Quinceañera, Lima, Peru

Antoine Nouvet
Above the Clouds, the Sun Shines, Mount Agung, Indonesia

Joshua Hodgson
Elevator Maze, Tokyo, Japan

Corina Pinto
Still Distanced, Ottawa, Canada

Aslin Unlusoy
Quiet Night Walks, Ottawa, Canada

Lara Engel
We’ll Meet Again, Somewhere between Bogotá and San Andrés, Colombia

Bob Paquin
A Little Rain Must Fall, Lustrafjord, Norway

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