PAFSO 2020 Photo Contest Results

Contest Theme: Vision 2020

1st prize
Nicolas St-Pierre
First COVID-19 Haircut, Ottawa, Canada

2nd prize
Jessica Brousseau
Workplace COVID.0, Buenos Aires, Argentina

3rd prize
Corina Pinto
A Quiet Commute, Dakar, Senegal

Honourable Mentions

Tsung-Wei Lin
Lonely Planet, Tokyo, Japan

Gurvir Khosa
If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it, Odessa, Ukraine

Michael Otton
Virus Cut, Beijing, China

Laura Atar
Downtime with a View, Ottawa, Canada

Jennifer Cargill
Self-isolation, Dakar, Senegal

Kristin Janson
Hope in the Epicentre, New York, USA

Kapil Madan
Lisbon in Lockdown, Lisbon, Portugal

Ala Ji
Heavenly Bridge, Amanohashidate, Kyoto, Japan

Tsung-Wei Lin
Deserted Temple, Tokyo, Japan

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