PAFSO 2016 Photo Contest Results

The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO) is pleased to announce the winners of its Sixth Annual Photo Contest held earlier this year, which gave PAFSO amateur photographers an opportunity to showcase their skills in capturing photographs taken all around the world.

PAFSO Annual Photo Contest featured Black and White pictures in the category “The World through Canadian Eyes”, showcasing photographs taken all around the world, and also pictures in the second category titled “Foreign Service Officers in Action”. This category aims at showing how Foreign Service Officers (FSO) are promoting Canadian values (i.e. trade work in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility, FPDS work in development cooperation or human rights, and MCO work in helping others during crisis). This theme is work-oriented and aims at showcasing Foreign Service successes, the hazards and challenges we face and the value we bring to Canadians.

Clarie Caillo-Cholley’s “A man and his camel, Abu Dhabi” was chosen the First-Prize Winner In the first category. Her picture was taken in a remote and isolated farm in the middle of the desert, 50 km away from Abu Dhabi. “An UAE approaches the camel and speaks to it while gently patting its head”, explained Clarie, “This moment of complicity and trust between the man and the camel was particularly touching. To me, it symbolizes the close relationship, almost sacred, which unites Emiratis to their camels. Like the Salukis, Arabian horses and falcons, camels are part of the precious heritage of the Bedouin culture. Each winter, between 20 000 and 30 000 animals, bred in farms, participate in spectacular camel races organized on sand tracks. This is one of the oldest traditions of the United Arab Emirates.” Laura Atar and Nicolas St-Pierre won the second prize ex aequo in that category.

In the category “Foreign Service Officers in Action”, Nicolas St-Pierre’s photograph “Roy Welland, a British WWII veteran and former POW, participates in the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Yokohama War Cemetery, Japan” was chosen as the first-prize winner. “This image represents the ability of people from all generations, religions and nations to come together around the same ideal of ensuring that the horrors of the war are not forgotten and do not repeat themselves”, said Nicolas. Matthew Robertson and Monika Moricz won the second and third prize, respectively, in that category.

Each winner will receive a gift certificate from Henry’s, a major Canadian photo equipment and electronics retailer ($150 for the first prize, $100 for the second prize and $50 for the third prize).

The judging committee of the PAFSO 2016 Photo Contest also awarded honourable mentions to the following photographers: Laura Atar, Kirk Duguid, Jason Joyce, Jennifer Morgan-Jones, Myriam Morin Dupras and Nicolas St-Pierre.

Click here to view the winning photos and honourable mentions.

This year again, images submitted in the contest will be used to create a desk calendar for PAFSO members. Some will also be featured in a future edition of bout de papier Magazine, Canada’s magazine of diplomacy and Foreign Service.

Congratulations to all of our winners and honourable mention recipients!

The Executive Committee of PAFSO

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