New Phoenix Information from Treasury Board of Canada

Treasury Board of Canada has just released the following information concerning:

  1. a recent change to the Directive on Terms and Conditions of Employment: these changes have been made to lessen any potential financial hardships due to the implementation of Phoenix for employees beginning Disability Insurance, Maternity or Parental Leave or Employment Insurance sickness benefits. As a result, departments are expected to take full advantage of these new provisions.
  2. a new claims process for current and former employees who are experiencing delays in receiving the full amount of government benefits and credits they are entitled to, so that they are provided the opportunity to request a temporary recoverable advance until such time as benefits and credits are restored. If an employee has received an overstated employment income statement (T4, Relevé1), and is experiencing delays in receiving the full amount of federal/provincial/territorial/municipal government benefits and credits, the employee is now entitled to and invited to submit a request.


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