Further information on Phoenix employee self-service

This week, a significantly higher than usual number of employees has been trying to access Phoenix. This increased traffic has meant that compensation advisors and HR professionals have had difficulty accessing Phoenix, which they need to process transaction for pay. In addition, managers and employees have been unable to access Phoenix to input important information and approve transactions.

To support the effective operation of Phoenix, Treasury Board asks that employees looking for pay stub information to access this through the Compensation Web Application (CWA) until further notice. Pay stubs in Phoenix and CWA contain the same information while being formatted differently.

Phoenix self-service was restored as of this afternoon for the following transactions:

  • Section 34 Manager Approval
  • Section 33 Finance Officer Authorization
  • Timekeeper Entry
  • Timesheet and Overtime Entry

Please note that employees in the PA group will see new pay rates and signing bonuses included on their August 23 pay, and the mass retro will begin to be paid as of the September 6 pay.

With Phoenix self-serve now available, employees are reminded that they must enter any time sheets in Phoenix Self Service, and managers must enter and/or approve any pay related transactions. Deadlines will be communicated through normal channels.

If any of your compensation advisors are experiencing difficulty accessing the Phoenix Compensation Advisor link on the CWA home page, please have them contact the CA Help Desk for assistance.

Please note that these access issues will not impact the issuance of regular pay.

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