Nominating an FS Officer

The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers invites nominations for the 2019 Canadian Foreign Service Officer Awards.


The PAFSO Awards, established in 1990 by the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers, provide recognition for exceptional achievements by Canada’s career Foreign Service Officers.


To be eligible, a nominee must be:

  • a substantive member of the FS occupational group (including FSDP and MCTP); and
  • a member of PAFSO.



Nominees are judged on the basis of exceptional achievement in a specific circumstance and/or over the course of their career, as exemplified through assignments both domestic and foreign.

Judges will be looking at the following factors:

  • initiative and creativity;
  • dedication to serving Canada and Canadians;
  • effectiveness in interacting with cultures in which the officers have worked; and
  • ability to inspire colleagues and professional contacts.



PAFSO welcomes nominations from any interested party, including members of the Foreign Service, the private sector, NGOs and the public. There is no nomination form. To submit a nomination you must:

  1. Prepare the nomination letter, which must include the following information:
  • Name of nominee
  • Detailed examples of how this person has demonstrated his or her exceptional achievement, and why it matters.
  1. Provide a minimum of two detailed letters of support per nomination.  You may wish to seek letters of support from additional sources. Please provide their full names, addresses, email addresses, facsimiles and phone numbers so that they may be contacted by the Secretary for follow up if necessary.
  2. Send the signed nomination letter to the Secretary to the Awards Committee.

Mail:    412–47 Clarence Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9K1 Canada
Fax:     613-241-5911


Nominations must be received by PAFSO by April 5. An independent panel of judges will select the recipients of the Awards.

The Awards

Award recipients will each receive a certificate, a cash prize and a pin at a ceremony to be held in Ottawa by PAFSO in June.




 Download the guidelines for nominations

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