2010 PAFSO Award Recipients

left to right: Bushra Saeed, Jean-Philippe Tachdjian, Jordan Reeves and Patrice Nectoux

Patrice Nectoux, Manager, International Networks Support Section, CBSA is honoured by PAFSO for outstanding achievements as an inspirational manager and network builder extraordinaire charged with identifying and interdicting illegal migrants, criminals and security threats. Since Patrice took over management of CBSA’s Migration Integrity Officer network in 2007 it has developed into a highly effective first line of national defence. He has made quantum improvements to staffing, training, equipment and electronic intelligence reporting. His creative problem solving ability enables him to see opportunities not obstacles. He skilfully deployed his network in response to international disasters and led the development of threat detection approaches during the Vancouver Olympics, models of excellence being emulated by the UK for the London Olympics. Colleagues attest to his leadership capabilities, communications skills and his negotiating prowess. As a result of Patrice’s vision, managerial and leadership skills, and the cooperation he has elicited from the airline industry and a broad spectrum of international partners, Canada now has a better defence against those who seek to abuse our immigration programs or harm our national security.

Jordan Reeves, Consul, Senior Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada, Shanghai is receiving the PAFSO Award for his exceptional achievements in Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai. Fluent in Mandarin and with a deep understanding of Chinese culture, he repeatedly persuaded ultra cautious, risk adverse bureaucrats and vested interests to open markets for Canadian products including softwood lumber, pork, beef and even the lowly pea. Humour and creative problem solving have been hallmarks of his success. Jordan’s tremendous talent for managing complex issues and events made critical contributions to the success of a steady stream of high-level missions to China. He prepared the groundwork for two new Trade Offices in China. He consistently demonstrated a rare and valuable combination of technical understanding, strategic thinking, judgment and superior interpersonal skills with a “can do” attitude and effective cross cultural aptitude. Jordan’s competencies are an asset to Canada. According to a senior PCO official, “Jordan Reeves sets the standard and is the model for the Trade Commissioner Service.”

Bushra Saeed is a winner of the PAFSO Award for furthering Canada’s objectives in both Pakistan and Afghanistan as an analyst, communicator and inspiring colleague. As a new officer assigned to some of the most sensitive issues facing DFAIT her performance surpassed expectations. In her third year with DFAIT Bushra volunteered to serve in Afghanistan where her energy, enthusiasm and policy skills made her an ideal team member. She made a tremendous contribution in just two months with her language skills, deep cultural and historical knowledge and understanding of the politics of the region. She threw herself into her work with skill, energy and enthusiasm – a “human dynamo” – dedicating long hours to a prodigious list of accomplishments, producing well received reports on the complex implications of the Presidential elections, stabilization within Kandahar City, the Shia community, fraud allegations and counter narcotics issues. Sustaining serious injuries from an improvised explosive device she maintains her commitment and remains in touch with her colleagues in Kandahar, encouraging them in the pursuit of their important duties.

Jean-Philippe Tachdjian, Deputy Director and Trade Commissioner, in DFAIT’s Edu-Canada International Education Promotion division is honoured by PAFSO for instigating major changes in the international promotion of Canadian education. Building on his successful engagement of provincial ministries of education and the Canadian Bureau for International Education at a major American conference on international education (NAFSA) Jean-Philippe launched an initiative to develop the Canadian education brand. Blending determination, vision and transparency with a tough but sensitive negotiation style he achieved agreement among the provinces and territories and the numerous stakeholders involved in post secondary education – no small accomplishment for a federal civil servant in a provincial sector. The launch of the new education brand for Canada transformed Canada’s education marketing strategy and provided a focus on this $6.5 billion dollar contribution to Canada’s economy. As a result of Jean Philippe’s creativity, stewardship, management and communication skills the promotion of Canada as a quality education destination is now a government priority, the education sector has a clear promotion plan and a recognizable Canadian education brand.

Judges for this year’s Awards were: Mr. Don Newman (Chairman of the Judges’ Panel); Mr. Brian Davis, General (Ret’d) John de Chastelain, Mr. John Ivison, Mr. Claude Laverdure and Mrs. Louise Terrillon-Mackay.

In addition to the four PAFSO Awards, one other award was presented at the PAFSO Dinner on June 10, 2010. Mrs. Denise Simard-Lapointe was the winner of the Retired Heads of Mission Association (RHOMA) sponsored award for the best article in bout de papier magazine for Volume 24. Her article “La musique canadienne au milieu du monde” appeared in Issue No. 4. She received a framed Award and cheque.

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