2002 PAFSO Award Recipients

L.to R: Ross Glasgow, Andrée Vary, Diane Harper and Stephen Brereton

Stephen Brereton, Director of the Investment Trade Policy Division, received an award in recognition of his outstanding leadership and management, both of issues and people. As Director of the division responsible for managing issues stemming from Chapter 11 of the NAFTA, he has played a crucial part in meeting government objectives, as well as a pivotal role in advancing policy on corporate social responsibility. Steve is also recognized as a superbly effective manager, praised for his leadership and commitment, his flexibility and dedication to the task and for his ability to marshall the talents of a diverse team to meet ongoing challenges. His commitment to public service and to teamwork distinguish him as an outstanding representative of the Foreign Service.

Ross Glasgow, Counsellor at the Canadian Joint Delegation to the North Atlantic Council in Brussels, is being honoured for his outstanding work at NATO, where he has worked tirelessly and diligently toward a vision of the organization which encompasses larger humanitarian concerns, in keeping with Canada’s human security focus. He is being recognized specifically for the innovative leadership he has shown in working with the countries of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council to reduce stockpiles of land mines, small arms and light weapons. Through his efforts, a voluntary NATO trust fund was turned into a vehicle for international action in landmine stockpile destruction. The result has been not only a reduction in land mines and small arms stockpiling, but a new perspective in what has traditionally been an environment resistant to change.

Diane Harper, First Secretary and Consul at the Office of the Canadian Embassy in El Salvador, received a PAFSO award for her outstanding management ability during the earthquakes in El Salvador in January and February 2001, as well as for the leadership skills she continues to display in a challenging micro-mission environment. In January 2001, El Salvador experienced a severe earthquake, which killed over 800 people. Despite the dangers and personal risks, Diane met every challenge with aplomb, ensuring the safety of her staff and of Canadians in El Salvador. She exemplifies the versatility and flexibility, as well as the ability to perform under pressure, which is a hallmark of the foreign service. She also enjoys the loyalty and affection of all who work with her. Her personal and professional contribution in a time of crisis are recognized in the award she has received.


Andrée Vary, Counsellor (Commercial) at the Canadian High Commission in Barbados, received an award for her exceptional contribution as the Regional Trade Commissioner in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. She is known for her work in identifying and counselling on sources of trade financing for Canadian businesses in developing countries and is considered to be the Department’s key expert in this area. Her work in Abidjan posed unusual challenges, not least the coup d’état in 1999. She has been praised by public and private sector officials alike for her energetic pursuit of opportunities for Canadian businesses, her knowledge of the African market, and for the sound and enduring relationships she established with the African Development Bank. Exemplifying the best in the Trade Commissioner tradition, her energy, creativity and dedication have played a significant role in advancing Canadian trade interests in West Africa.

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