2001 PAFSO Award Recipients

l.to r.: Leslie Toope, Douglas Challborn, David Angell, Isabelle Roy

David Angell, Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations, New York, received an award for his exceptional performance since joining the Department, including his role in developing the Irish Peace Process. He is being honoured particularly for his outstanding contribution to the effective implementation of the Angola Sanctions initiative, recognized as having changed the lives of the Angolan people, contributed substantially to placing the conflict diamonds issue on the international agenda and to the creation of a model for sanctions monitoring and management. His efforts have facilitated Canada making a lasting impact on the work and authority of the UN Security Council.

Douglas Challborn, Canadian Embassy, Lima, Peru, received an award for his significant role in Canada’s efforts to strengthen democracy in Peru over the past year. He worked tirelessly to promote the Canada/OAS efforts to draw together and broker consensus among key Peruvian political players and civil society representatives, to manage seven OAS High-Level Missions, and to carry out the myriad tasks required for the national dialogue process to succeed in a complex and crisis-laden environment. He is recognized for his skillful mediation, his perceptive analysis and the courageous role he played in assuring the success of Canada’s policy objectives and a peaceful democratic solution for Peru.

Isabelle Roy, Canadian Embassy, Paris, France, received an award for her exceptional contribution over the past four years to promoting Canadian interests in the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. Her exemplary role in the preparations for two major summits S Hanoi (1997) and Moncton (1999), the level of credibility she developed among an impressive network of professional contacts, and her dedicated involvement in numerous ministerial conferences and meetings assured their success. She exemplifies fine judgment, acute analysis, and outstanding personal and professional commitment in promoting and advancing Canada’s interests within the institutions of la Francophonie and with the representatives of its other 50 member countries.

Leslie Toope, Deputy Director, Training, International Region, CIC, received an award in recognition of her exceptional achievements as manager of the training section of the International Region in CIC. Her dedication has helped make training integral to achieving the Department’s objectives and has facilitated the implementation of the Foreign Service Development Programme. Leslie has become known for her exceptional managerial style, combining client service, teamwork, innovation and creativity, all qualities which have led to the development of better officers, who display the kind of knowledge and efficiency which enhances Canada’s presence overseas

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