bout de papier – Le magazine canadien de la diplomatie et du Service extérieur


Vol. 27, No. 2


  • Prize, Paintings and Precedent in the War of 1812 by Faye Kert
  • Whose Man in Havana by John Graham
  • Montréal, ville internationale par Gilles Gingras
  • Bill Barton in Profile by A. Douglas Small
  • Philippine Portraits, text and photos by Liza Linklater
  • Remembering Tehran and John Sheardown
  • The Washington Scene by Gar Pardy
  • John Sheardown Remembered by Mark Lijek
  • Sam’s Portraits by Sam Hanson
  • Extract from “Foreign Service” by John Kneale
  • On Ken Taylor by Mark Lijek
  • The Canadian Caper, Hollywood and Reality by Roger Lucy


In Memoriam

  • John Sheardown
  • Peter Bakewell
  • Tom Delworth
  • William McKenzie Wood

Books in Review
Volcano Rising: An Ambassador’s Diary

Vignettes / À la carte

  • Grand départ par Violette Paré
  • Of Governors General and Grown Men by Stuart Hughes

From the Archives
Trivial Pursuit (of an FS Position) by Hector Mackenzie

The Perfect (Religious) Storm – A Aalto Propounds a Crisis of Faith

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