Contract Signed between Canada’s Foreign Service Officers and Federal Government

The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers is pleased to announce that its new contract with the Government of Canada was signed on December 4, 2013 by negotiating teams for the Treasury Board Secretariat and PAFSO.

This contract follows on the tentative agreement announced by PAFSO president Tim Edwards and Treasury Board president Tony Clement on September 26 which ended – at 5 months and 24 days – the longest strike in federal public service history. The agreement was ratified by a majority of PAFSO members between October 10 and 24, and approved by Treasury Board on November 21.

“This signing concludes one of the more tumultuous chapters in the history of Canada’s diplomatic service,” said Mr. Edwards. “After years of seeing our wages fall behind other government professionals, Foreign Service Officers initiated the first strike since our union’s creation in 1967, deploying the resolve, unity, and stamina needed to secure equal pay for equal work.”

“We are pleased that, at the end of the day, our employer provided appropriate recognition for the value of our intricate and demanding craft, and acknowledged the tremendous dedication which diplomats offer their fellow citizens and elected representatives,” added Mr. Edwards. “This outcome is proof that free and meaningful bargaining is essential to preserving the world-class public service which taxpayers expect from their government.”

This signing formally ends the latest round of bargaining between PAFSO and Treasury Board, which began on April 1, 2011 when PAFSO served notice to bargain. Like the vast majority of federal public service bargaining units, PAFSO’s contract will expire in the middle of next year. This contract will be in force from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2014.


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