bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 31, No. 2


  • Teamwork Takes Flight by Tammy Ames
  • En Thaïlande à l’heure de la COVID-19 par Grégoire-François Legault
  • Welcome to the RROC by Zal Karkaria
  • Hello from Delhi by Martina Stvan
  • COVID-19 and the Story of Zachy by Betti-Jo Ruston Errejon
  • Concours de photos de l’APASE 2020
  • A Saner, Less Fragmented World in 2021 by Jeremy Kinsman
  • Bearing Witness by Nicholas Coghlan
  • Diplomatic Uniforms by Rick Kohler and Anne Leahy


From the Editor’s Desk
A New Beginning by Daniel Livermore, Editor

President’s Message
What Next? by Pam Isfeld, president

Book Reviews

  • The Moscow Rules Reviewed by Kurt F. Jensen
  • Resisting Rights Reviewed by John Holmes
  • Refugee Law After 9/11 Reviewed by Peter Duschinsky
  • The Selected Works of George R. Lindsey Reviewed by Gordon K. Vachon

The Hungry Diplomat: Fries by Lisa Bitto

The Oumuamua Baton: An Out of this World Puzzle by A Aalto

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