bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 30, No. 4


  • Postcards from the (Diplomatic) Edge: A Diplomatic Mission to North Korea by James Trottier
  • At the Crossroads of Fraud, Data and Intelligence: The Risk Assessment Network by Zal Karkaria
  • Three Days in November: The Seige of Mumbai by Gary Luton
  • Behind the Pod: The GAC Files with David Morrison by Sabrina Yoong
  • Les Prix de l’APASE 2018


Word from the Editor
Human Geography and the Foreign Service by Christian Ranger, Editor

President’s Message
2019: A High Stakes Year by Pam Isfeld, president

In Memoriam
Christian Sarazin

Book Reviews

  • Trudeau’s World: Insiders Reflect on Foreign Policy, Trade and Defence, 1968–84 Reviewed by Dan Livermore
  • L’Océanie convoitée : Histoire, géopolitique et sociétés Critique de livre par Frank Asi Talatini
  • The Making of the October Crisis: Canada’s Long Nightmare of Terrorism at the Hands of the FLQ Reviewed by Kurt F. Jensen
  • A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership Reviewed by David MacDuff

The Hungry Diplomat: Bannock by Lisa Bitto

From the Archives
The Medium and the Messages: King Consults FDR by Hector Mackenzie

Who Store the Vote in Rio Guapo? PArty Time for A Aalto by A Aalto

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