bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 30, No. 3


  • C’était le bon vieux temps … ou presque! Tranches de vie au Caire (1982–1986) par François LaRochelle
  • Arctic Science, Diplomacy and Indigenous Knowledge by Jeanette Menzies
  • Ripples in the Pond: Reflections of a Diplobrat by Jade Puddington
  • Remembering Allan J. McEachen by Colin Robertson
  • Concours de photo de l’APASE 2017


Word from the Editor
Imaginer un service heureux, par Christian Ranger, rédacteur en chef

President’s Message
PAFSO and the Foreign Service Officer of the Future, by Pam Isfeld, president

In Memoriam
Paul Durand, Michael Dougall Bell, Georges Flanagan Whalen, Frank Petrie

Book Reviews

  • Re-imagining Capitalism Reviewed by Jordan Reeves
  • Potholes and Politics: A Cartoon Portrait of Ottawa Reviewed by Chris Westdal
  • Diplomat, Dissident, Spook: A Canadian Diplomat’s Chronicles Through the Cold War and Beyond Reviewed by John Graham

The Hungry Diplomat: Bread by Lisa Bitto

From the Archives
Sexual Orientation and the Foreign Service: Challenges for Assignment Policies by Hector Mackenzie

Testing Turing: Shamus Dikk Meets Roko’s Basilisk by A Aalto

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