bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 30, No. 2


  • Entrevue avec deux championnes des femmes à Affaires mondiales Canada par Laura Atar
  • A Feminist Global Policy for Canada: A Civil Society Perspective by Julie Delahanty
  • Les femmes du service de l’immigration dans les années 1960 par Sheena Trimble
  • Twenty-Five Years On, Some Ghosts Are Still With Us by Mark Allen
  • I Know the Monster: Living in the Entrails of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2012–2015 by Tom MacDonald
  • Straight Outta Tripoli by Ryan Ward
  • Les Prix de l’APASE 2017: Reconnaissance de l’excellence


Thinking about Gender in 2017, par Christian Ranger, rédacteur en chef

In Memoriam
Gerald Boamah, Barbara Cram, Brian Davis, Emil Ihor Baran

Book Reviews

  • Running On Empty: Canada and the Indochinese Refugees Reviewed by Robin Higham
  • Makers of Modern Asia Reviewed by David MacDuff
  • Declassified: Excerpts from the personal notebooks of former Canadian Diplomats Reviewed by Lia Hiltz
  • Dip Doodles Reviewed by Richard Kohler
  • Governance and Innovation in Africa: South Africa After Mandela Reviewed by Adele Dion

The Hungry Diplomat: Honey by Lisa Bitto

From the Archives
No Evidence Required: Defining Homosexuality as a Threat to National Security by Hector Mackenzie

Snakes and Ladders Caper: A Aalto Records a Hairy Harry January by A Aalto

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