bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 29, No. 4


  • Fenêtre sur la relève : Qui sont les nouvelles recrues du Service extérieur ? par Laura Atar
  • Election Observation:
    A Walk in the Burmese Sun: Witnessing Burma’s Historic National Election by Jade Puddington
    The Vote from Here to Timbuktu: Observing Mali’s 2013 Legislative Elections by Alex Johnston
  • Because Life Happens: The Journey to Parental Leave at Post by Shauna Hemingway
  • Un monde disparu…ou Presque : Un diplomate canadien à Damas dans les années 1990 par François LaRochelle
  • Trade and Civilization by Roger Lucy
  • When Diplomacy Fails: Canada and the Gulf War of 1990–1991 by Gary Luton
  • Les Prix de l’APASE 2016


Saisir les opportunités par Joya Donnelly, Rédactrice en chef

President’s Message
The Importance of a Strong Foreign Service Community by Michael Kologie, President of PAFSO

In Memoriam

  • James Frederick Gould
  • Jacque Noiseux

Books in Review
Points of Entry: How Canada’s Immigration Officers Decide Who Gets In review by Ian Van Haren
Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction review by David MacDuff

Vignettes / À la carte

  • The Hungry Diplomat: Coffee by Lisa Bitto

From the Archives
Middle Power at Mid-Century by Hector Mackenzie

Yi Xing on Mars, An annotated visit to the red planet by A Aalto

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