bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 29, No. 3


  • Some Principles / Quelques principes by Peter Boehm
  • Compagnons de route : FS Pet Adoption Stories by Anne-Marie Leclerc
  • Worth Their Wait: The Long Journey of Canada’s Newest Foreign Service Officers by Peter Kolakovic
  • Four Months as Saddam’s ‘Guest’ in Baghdad by Gary Luton
  • Une expérience de télétravail : L’Iraq vu de la Tunisie by Emmanuelle Lamoureux
  • Un voyage photographique à bord du légendaire train Hershey by Nicolas St-Pierre (cover : Nicolas St-Pierre)
  • Prime Ministers’ Row by Suneeta Millington
  • Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks : A post-GAC Option by Ian Ferguson


Questions de principes et d’engagement by Joya Donnelly, Rédactrice en chef

President’s Message
Communication is the Key by Timothy Hodges

In Memoriam

  • James C. Langley
  • Robert Morrice Middleton
  • A. Douglas Small

Books in Review

  • Whose Man In Havana: Advenures from the Far Side of Diplomacy review by Ross Firla; Interview by Shauna Hemingway
  • “What Would You Say? … as guest speaker at the next Canadian citizenship ceremony” review by Frank Asi Talatini

Vignettes / À la carte

  • The Hungry Diplomat: Vanilla by Lisa Bitto
  • Military Lexicon: Decrypting DND/CAF by Ambra Dickie

From the Archives
Precedents and Precedence: A Guide for the Perplexed by Hector Mackenzie

Banishing Baron Madrigal, or the Last Geas – A Aalto goes Old School by A Aalto

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