bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 28, No. 2


  • Le drapeau des Auriverde by Suzanne Beaulieu-Gingras
  • Change and Continuity in Indian Politics
  • India: The End of a Dynasty? by Louis Delvoie
  • The Indian Ideology by Anu Bose
  • Georgia and Putin’s Russia: The Practical Art of Sustaining Independence by Giorgi Badridze
  • 2014 PAFSO Awards – 25th Anniversary


Atilla Altikat, Claude Brunelle, Glyn Berry & Annemarie Desloges by Stuart Hughes

In Memoriam

  • Kathryn McCallion
  • Randolph Gherson
  • Annemarie Desloges

Books In Review

  • Escaping Iran – A True Account of the Best Bad Idea reviewed by John Kneale
  • So Much for Democracy reviewed by Kate Preston
  • Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan reviewed by Gar Pardy

Vignettes / À la carte
Bickford on the Brazilian Need for Speed by David Bickford

From the Archives
Panditji Pearson in Colombo: the View from Headquarters by Hector Mackenzie

The Affair of the Fair Trade Gazebo – A Two-line Struggle by A Aalto

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