bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 27, No. 3


  • Celebrating 40 years – bout célèbre ses 40 ans by Richard Kohler and Michael Brock
  • Canada’s Fast Fading Footprint by Louis Delvoie
  • Giving Direct Diplomacy a Chance by Rasta Dael
  • Last Days of DMCUS by Andrew Turner
  • Private Military Companies under International Law: Combatants or Civilians? by Peter McRae
  • Does Canada Need a Department of Peace? by Bill Bhaneja
  • Unlocking the Wastebasket: How an Academic Built Canadian Foreign Intelligence by Kurt Jensen
  • Les Prix de l’APASE 2013 / PAFSO Awrards


In Memoriam
Basil Robinson

Books in Review

  • Finding Japan: Early Canadian Encounters with Asia
  • Warlords: Borden, Mackenzie King, and Canada’s World Wars

Vignettes / À la carte

  • Premiers matins…par Violette Paré
  • Bye Bye Bluesen by Stuart Hughes

From the Archives
Stones, Sacred Trust and the Prime Minister’s Ruins by Hector Mackenzie

Knucklesworth: An amalgamated enigma for Hairy Harry January by A Aalto

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