bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 26, No. 1

Cover: Photography by Jean-Paul Hubert


  • Celebrating CIDA – A Milestone in Canada’s Foreign Relations and an International First by Eric Bergbusch; Defending Democracy in Honduras by Neil Reeder; Model Forests and Model Volunteers, CUSO-VSO in Latin America – interview with Rolando Ramirez; and Model Forests: A Diplomatic Vignette by Harold Hickman
  • Kilomètres sur les chemins de compostelle par Jean-Paul Hubert et Florence Pèloquin
  • PAFSO Awards – 2011 – Les Prix de l’APASE: Jean-François Hubert-Rouleau; Hélène Girard, Ryan Kuffner and Roland Legault


Prenez garde – Why Severance Pay Matters… by Stuart Hughes

President’s Message
Summer Review by Pam Isfeld


  • Why Diplomacy is Changing: Susan Johnson Examines our Tradecraft by Rick Kohler
  • Diplomacy: It’s Not Rocket Science by Sam Hanson

In Memoriam

  • David Reece
  • Robert Elliott
  • Bill Warden

From the Archives
Panditji Pearson in Colombo: the View from Headquarters by Hector Mackenzie

Books in Review

  • The Ambassador’s Camel: Undiplomatic Tales of Embassy Life by Daivd Holdsworth, reviewer Rick Kohler.
  • African Chronicles – A Memoir by Burris Devanney, reviewer The Hon. Rev. Walter McLean and Barbara McLean.
  • The Defence of Realm: The Authorized History of M15; The Secret History of M16: 1909-1949; GCHQ: The Uncensored Story of Britain’s Most Secret Intelligence – reviewed by Kurt Jensen.

Enter the Annotator – More puzzling orientalism from A Aalto

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