bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 25, No. 4

Cover: Photography by Alex Taylor


  • Prague 98: A Matter of Conscience: Early Warning of Russia’s Invasion of Czechoslovakia by Charles Cole; How I Become Canadian by Josef Jurkovic; The Czechoslovak Refugee Movement: How Canada met the Challenge adapted by Gerry Maffre
  • A Future Direction for Canadian Foreign Policy? Bob Rae; Sheila Fruman
  • Students on Ice: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders story and phtoos by Jeannette Menzies
  • Des yeux verts comme la mer par Suzanne Beulieu-Gingras
  • Eyewitness to Revolution: Egypt’s Secular NGO Movement Leads the Way by Michel de Salaberry


“Interesting times”, exciting times by Stuart Hughes

President’s Message
Enjeux, paradoxe et absence by Pam Isfeld


  • Retirees on the go – Des retraités actif by Jacques Roy
  • Fake Lake Follies by Sanjeev Chowdhury

From the Archives
Unofficially Dull But Officially Sharp by Hector Mackenzie

Books in Review

  • Getting Back in the Game: A Foreign Policy Playbook for Canada by Paul Heinbecker – reviewer Paul Meyer
  • Le Triangle Québec-Ottawa-Paris par Gilles Duguay – reviewer Gilles Gingras

In Memoriam

  • John M. Fraser
  • William Arthur Dymond
  • Derek Arnould

Death and taxis: The inevitable Shamus Dikk investigation from A Aalto

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