bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 25, No. 1

Cover Photograph by Hartmuth Kroll


  • Yeman: Why Canada Should Do More by Hartmuth Kroll
  • The Gallic Crisis of 506 by Roger Lucy
  • Canada’s IDRC Today – Interview with David Malone
  • A Troubled Pilgrimage by Bill Bhaneja
  • Sylvester’s Purple Heart by Wilmer Collett


Remembering Thomas Garden Barnes

Éducation française et renovations : le Lycée Claudel d’Ottawa se fait peau neuve par Jean-Philippe Tachdjian

From the Archives
Two Decades and Six Days – Hector Mackenzie and Eric Bergbusch

Books in Review

  • Transforming Rights: Reflections from the Front Lines
  • Canada’s Voice: the Public Life of John Wendell Holmes

In Memoriam

  • Donald Saunders
  • Konrad Sigurdson
  • Denis Gregoire de Blois

Bugbyte and the cool between the stars – A further future fandango by A Aalto

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