bout de papier Magazine – Canada's Magazine of Diplomacy and Foreign Service


Vol. 22, No. 2


  • Idle Days in Patagonia – Taking the Long Way Home from Post – story and photos by Nicholas Coghlan
  • 2006 PAFSO Awards – In Pursuit of Excellence
  • A Posting to the People’s Republic of Cambridge – story and photos by Michael Small
  • Life in a Gilded Cage by Bill Warden


Books in Review
The ambassadors: From Ancient Egypt to Renaissance Europe, the Men Who Introduced theWorld to Itself by Jonathan Wright – reviewed by Roger Lucy

In Memoriam
D’Iberville Fortier and John Small


  • Toward a Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service by Kurt Jensen
  • Memorial Plaque for Government Service Abroad by Albert Galpin

From the Archives
Reds in Rockcliffe? by Hector Mackenzie

Liebnitz and the patent of doom: A multiple-choice enigma by A Aalto

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