Privacy Policy

The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (hereafter, PAFSO or Association) is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and maintaining the confidentiality of personal information. To achieve that we follow the principles of the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information.

  1. Why PAFSO collects personal information

    In order for PAFSO to achieve its aims, the Association must necessarily have an accurate picture of its membership base and its different segments. Given the rotational nature of our members, it is also important to ensure that this information stays up to date. Certain information is also used to ensure continued membership eligibility.

  2. What personal information PAFSO collects

    The personal information that PAFSO generally collects includes: name, address, telephone number, personal e-mail address, member’s substantive level, member’s stream in the FS group as classified by the Employer, current assignment occupied (group/level/stream), month and year in which member’s current assignment commenced, as well as demographic information related to official and foreign languages, employment equity, and the member’s origin city/province. We handle personal information in accordance with this policy.

  3. How PAFSO collects personal information

    In accordance with the Agreement between the Treasury Board and the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers, otherwise the Collective Agreement, as may be in force from time to time, the Employer provides the Association with certain information about changes to the composition of the bargaining unit as represented by the Association. Nevertheless, and in order to fulfill its aims, PAFSO may request members to provide additional personal information that is not provided by the employer pursuant to the Collective Agreement.  The provision of any personal information by members to the Association other than as contemplated by the Collective Agreement is strictly voluntary. PAFSO may solicit such information by directly contacting the members. All personal member information collected by PAFSO is subject to this policy.

  4. How PAFSO uses personal information

    Members’ personal information collected by PAFSO is used exclusively for the purpose of:

    1. ensuring the accurate composition of the Association, including on a per-level and per-stream basis
    2. making available to the membership  of the Association a directory, including  the names and assignment locations of members, and identification of members that are substantive FS
    3. supporting analysis and reports in an aggregate, summarized form which does not identify individuals
    4. dissemination of general information to members

    Other than the membership directory referenced in 4(b), which provides for limited disclosure of personal information to the general membership of the Association, only PAFSO Executive Committee members or members of the Association specially designated by the PAFSO Executive Committee may have access to members’ personal information and only for the purpose stated in the section. Members’ personal information is never used for solicitation of any business, donations or other commercial purpose. PAFSO may disclose members’ personal information collected under this policy where it is required by law.

  5. How PAFSO protects members’ privacy

    PAFSO does not sell, trade, rent or otherwise share personal information or mailing lists with third parties, unless and where required by law. PAFSO does not use personal information provided by members to solicit any business on the Association’s behalf or on behalf of third parties.  PAFSO maintains appropriate technical and organisational safeguards to protect members’ personal information. When collecting personal information for the purpose described in paragraph 4(d) of the policy, PAFSO will seek members consent for the use of information for this purpose. Members may withdraw their consent to the collection or use of their personal information with respect to this purpose at any time by contacting PAFSO at . Members’ personal information that may be collected through the use of PAFSO electronic platforms will be stored securely and used and retained in strict accordance with this Policy.

  6. Access to your information

    All members are entitled to know whether PAFSO holds personal information about them, access that information and ensure that it is accurate. Members can request access to their personal information or address any questions about this policy by contacting:Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers412 – 47 Clarence Street Ottawa, ON K1N 9K1
    Phone: 613-241-1391
    Voice Mail: 613-241-4396
    Fax: 613-241-5911

  7. Access and changes to this Policy

    This Privacy Policy will be available on the PAFSO website. The PAFSO Executive Committee may modify this Privacy Policy at any time. All changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated to members.

 Privacy Policy (pdf)

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