President’s Message

The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO) was created in 1965 to represent the interests of Canadian Foreign Service Officers and to protect the standards of the profession. Since then, PAFSO has also become a leading figure, subject matter expert, and champion for Canada’s Foreign Service.

Canada’s commercial and bilateral relations with other countries are key to achieving our foreign policy objectives with respect to economic prosperity, immigration, development cooperation, consular assistance, security, democracy and human rights. We believe that at the core of Canada’s success on the world stage is a career-rotational Foreign Service that reflects Canada’s values and diversity. That’s why PAFSO places great emphasis on ensuring that our Foreign Service has the required resources to deliver Canada’s priorities abroad. We also advocate for sufficient recruitment and retention of talent to maintain an effective and efficient cadre of Canadian diplomats.

Foreign Service Officers are not just expected to work standard business hours. In reality, they have a responsibility to represent Canada abroad 24/7. Our career intersects many aspects of our personal lives and the lives of our families. The impact is especially great in countries with conditions largely unlike those of Canada. Healthy and safe work environments abroad for Foreign Service Officers and their families is a priority for PAFSO. We place great importance on issues such as security in regions that are prone to violence, indoor air quality in heavily polluted cities, and access to medical care and schools that meets Canadian standards for our children.

I invite you to read more about our efforts as well as our initiatives such as the Canadian Foreign Service Awards and our flagship publication bout de papier.

Michael Kologie
Professional Association of Foreign Service Officer

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