President’s Message

The Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO) has been representing the interests of Canadian Foreign Service Officers and protecting the standards of the profession since 1965. We act as a champion for our members who serve as Political, Trade, Immigration and Management-Consular Officers in Canada and at missions abroad.

Foreign Service Officers represent the professional diplomatic corps that are vital to the implementation of Canada’s foreign, commercial, and immigration policies, as well as providing service to Canadians abroad and maintaining the Government of Canada’s international platform. We work to deliver on Canada’s political, economic, immigration, development, security, democratic, and human rights objectives. A career-rotational Foreign Service that reflects Canada’s values and diversity is a key element of our nation’s international success, and needs to be valued and resourced properly to do this work. For this reason, we devote extensive resources to negotiating fair collective bargaining agreements for our members, and advocate for inclusive and efficient recruitment and promotion exercises.

The Foreign Service is not just a job, nor even a career, for most of our members. It is a mission that extends well beyond standard business hours and affects every aspect of our lives – including our spouses, children, extended families, and even our pets. We are the only group in the Federal Public Service that is required to serve abroad, where we have a responsibility to represent Canada 24/7.

Healthy, inclusive, and safe work environments abroad and at home are a priority for PAFSO. We place great importance on issues such as safety and security in regions prone to violence; indoor air quality in heavily polluted cities; and access to medical care and schools that meets Canadian standards for our children.

Please explore our website to learn more about our many activities including the Foreign Service Awards, our Annual Photo Contest, and our flagship magazine, bout de papier. You can also follow us on Twitter @PafsoApase and on Facebook at @pafso.apase.

Pamela Isfeld
Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers

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