Mission, Vision and Values

Why and how we do what we do.

PAFSO’s mission

PAFSO has as a mission to represent the interests of our members by acting as their bargaining agent, protecting the status and standards of their profession, maintaining and promoting the effective functioning of the Foreign Service of Canada, and formulating and expressing the collective view of members on matters affecting them.

PAFSO’s vision

PAFSO is a well-governed, highly-trusted, effective and modern organization with strong relationships with members, staff and stakeholders. Through effective collective bargaining, labour relations services, and advocacy, outreach and engagement, we promote and strengthen Canada’s professional Foreign Service and to counter any threat of its erosion.

PAFSO’s values

PAFSO pursues its mission in a way that reflects Canadian values of Equality, Diversity, Fairness, Professionalism, Respect, Transparency and Good Governance.

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