We are both the union and professional association of Canada’s Foreign Service.

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Representing over 2000 active and retired members of Canada’s professional Foreign Service, PAFSO is both your union and your professional association. We are uniquely placed to cater to the specific and particular needs of the FS occupational group. Should you have any concerns about your situation at work, or if you have questions about your collective agreement or the Foreign Service Directives, PAFSO is here for you.

Stronger Together

Founded in 1968 by Foreign Service Officers and run by Foreign Service Officers ever since, PAFSO is here to represent the interests of its members. As both bargaining agent and professional association, PAFSO has as its core mission to protect the status and standards of our profession. It maintains and promotes the effective functioning of Canada’s professional Foreign Service. And it acts as your collective voice by advocating on your behalf on the issues that matter most to you.

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