2018 PAFSO Annual General Meeting


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2018, 4:00  P.M.

In accordance with Section 11 of the Constitution of the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers, an Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

There are a number of positions of the Executive Committee to be filled this year in the following streams: Immigration – 3 vacancies; Management Consular – 4 vacancies; Political – 3 vacancies; Trade – 0 vacancies. Elections to these positions will be held in accordance with Article 7 of the PAFSO Constitution.

Nominations of candidates for election to the Executive Committee shall be in writing and supported in writing by at least three regular members and must reach the Secretary on or before September 10, 2018.  Nominees must also forward to the Secretary on or before the same date a description, not to exceed 150 words, of themselves and their objectives as members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, being satisfied the candidates so nominated are eligible and willing to serve, will circulate an electronic ballot to all members of the Association in advance of the meeting.

Members are also reminded that in accordance with Section 6(c) of the PAFSO Constitution “the Executive Committee shall reflect the career streams of the Foreign Service (FS) Group. The Executive Committee shall include four (4) members from each career stream, subject to Article 7 (b) (vi).”

However, the Executive Committee intends to propose amendments to this section to reduce the quota of representatives for individual streams; to allow for the election of members-at-large; to allow members to serve remotely from missions and regional offices; and to amend the total membership of the Executive Committee. If these proposals are approved by the Annual General Meeting, the new provisions will come into effect for subsequent elections. Draft amendments will be circulated to the membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting, in accordance with Article 13(a).

Members are also advised that the Executive Committee will ask the Annual General Meeting to approve, in accordance with Article 11(a) of the Constitution, funding to implement the Committee’s decision to propose adoption of the recommendation of McConnell Human Resources Consulting of

April 2018. This recommendation calls for the presidency of PAFSO to become a paid full-time position for a trial period, under the terms of the current Constitution, for two (2) years beginning in 2019. During the two year trial period the full-time President will operate alongside the Executive Director.  The Committee proposes to fund this pilot project from existing resources and seeks no increase in dues.

In conjunction with this proposal, the Executive Committee will present plans for a Strategic Review and Planning Exercise for PAFSO, to begin in 2019. The proposal calls for the results of the Strategic Review to be discussed at the October 2019 Annual General Meeting, followed by a Strategic Plan for approval by members in October 2020. The Strategic Plan will include recommendations for PAFSO’s governance structure, and this exercise will constitute the main deliverable for the President during this period. Other duties during this trial period will be in accordance with the Constitution, with a particular emphasis on advocacy, media relations, and outreach.

The full report, “Analysis of the Paid President Concept,” can be found on the Member News section of myPAFSO. Additional documentation on these proposals, including draft motions, will be provided to members in advance of the Annual General Meeting as specified in Article 11 (a), and consultation will take place over the summer.

July 13, 2018

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